Hope 103.2 Launches Podcast Collection

Hope 103.2 Launches Podcast Collection

Sydney station launches collection of podcasts to engage a new community of listeners wanting 'space' for conversation.

The Hope 103.2 team has spent their lockdown working hard to create podcasts to suit a variety of tastes, with the launch today of Hope Podcasts.

Offering everything from stories of everyday people overcoming tragedies, to leaders in their field imparting wisdom on how to live your life well, from digging up buried stories within Australian history, to conversations with Christian sporting elites that challenge your  perspective on faith - there is a wide selection to choose from.

Hope 103.2 content director Aaron Wright said Hope Podcasts was about bringing many voices from Australian and across the globe into one place with the one hope of “impacting people with  experiences of God’s love”.

This ‘hope’ is visible in every walk of life, every context, and every niche – we want to tell these stories,  and provide a space for these conversations to take place,” Mr Wright said.

In it's official launch today, podcast listeners will be invited to browse the collection, and try a topic they possibly wouldn’t have thought to listen to before.

However each podcast is more than just its topic. They’re all founded in faith – with either encouragement, inspiration, entertainment or advice to take away from them, regardless of whether or not you’re a sports fanatic, parent or historian.

They have also created space for podcast enthusiasts to join their own Hope Podland community, where listeners sign up to receive behind-the-scenes glimpses, fun and interesting facts about new and upcoming episodes, and exclusive insights into the latest projects of their hosts’.

The New Hope Podcast Collection includes:

UNDISTRACTED: a place where life isn’t just lived, but crafted. It’s a respite and  training ground for those of us who can get so caught up in living we forget to  check in on our foundations.

Finding Hope: Stories of people who have found real hope in challenging times to remind you  of the good in the world. This is the antidote to the daily heart-breaking news  headlines we’ve all become so used to hearing.

Australia’s Invisible History: Meet Aussies from every corner of the country as once buried stories of heroes,  pioneers and visionaries are made visible. The one thing they all have in common  is their faith as life’s inspiration.

Real Hope - The Podcast: Explore different themes with the Hope 103.2 team in daily bite-sized pieces,  weekly extended conversations or both to be challenged by new perspectives  and start each day encouraged and inspired.

Raising Teens: One day, your child turns “teen”, life starts to move rapidly and you’re struggling  to keep up. Raising Teens will give you the info you need to tackle these changes  and hopefully gain some ground!

Sport 3:16: Your season pass to witness the triumphs and tragedies of a team of Christian  sporting elites – with two sporting fanatics guiding you through their stories. Join  Sport 3:16 on this journey of sport, life and faith.

The full Hope Podcasts collection is listed at hopepodcasts.com.au.

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