Bold Rebrand Marks New Push into Evangelism

Bold Rebrand Marks New Push into Evangelism

With a new-look logo and a revamp of their strategies, YesHEis aims to spark a global movement of personal evangelism.

In an bold step towards being more effective in its mission, yesHEis, an initiative of Christian Vision (CV), has proudly unveiled its fresh new brand.

The rebrand, which includes a new logo, new look and a new set of strategies, marks a profound change for yesHEis – aiming to mobilise a global movement of Christians who are confident in evangelism.

YesHEis Product Manager, Frankie Du Toit, said yesHEis wants to make it easy for Christians to embark on a journey of personal evangelism and gospel sharing, and that the brand launch was more than just a surface-level makeover.

“It's a line in the sand, a declaration that we're stepping into the future of what yesHEis represents – everyday Christians finding purpose in helping the world know Jesus,” he said. “Together we will create a ripple effect that extends far beyond our immediate reach.”

Helping Them Know

With its slogan, 'Helping Them Know', YesHEis aims to impact both believers and non-believers:

"It's our mission to help people spread the good news of Jesus," declares the website. "For those who don't think their story is enough, we're helping them know. For those who aren't sure how to start the conversation, we're helping them know. For those who haven't heard the story of Jesus, our movement of people are helping them know."

A Courageous Soul-Searching Process

As part of the rebrand, yesHEis underwent a soul-searching process under Du Toit’s leadership, to fine-tune its objectives. Previously driven by the pursuit of growing its audience, the brand's focus has now shifted to more meaningful and productive interactions.

"We realised that it's not about the sheer numbers, but about the evangelism impact those numbers generate," Du Toit said. "We asked ourselves, are we truly effective in mobilising Christians to evangelise? This question led us to re-evaluate our core strategies."

A Revitalised Purpose: To Ignite Personal Evangelism

YesHEis has defined evangelism as, ‘a person, led by the Holy Spirit, engaging someone in their spiritual journey and intentionally taking actions to help them know Jesus’.

Through online content and social engagement, yesHEis guides believers in taking practical evangelism steps – such as offering to pray with non-Christians, initiating faith conversations, and sharing Gospel resources.

Their reimagined brand is firmly grounded in the belief that effective evangelism is personal.

Logo Represents a Light in the Darkness

In collaboration with CV designer Ben Jones, yesHEis unveiled their new visual brand inspired by the biblical passage, "I am the light of the world. He who follows me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life." (John 8:12)

Jones explained the new logo design was inspired by the metaphor of light, and our purpose as Christians to be a beacon of hope, a light in the darkness.

“The yesHEis brand illustrates this in the digital space, where light is made up of three parts - red, green, and blue (RGB),” he said. “We use these colours to symbolise the actions of praying, connecting with people, and responding to the Holy Spirit - all essential to living a life dedicated to spreading the message of Jesus.

“The new brand mark represents this connection between light and our purpose as followers of Christ.”

'Let's Plunge' - A Conversation App

At the same time, YesHEis has also launched a new, gamified conversation app, called Let's Plunge, to help prompt meaningful discussions.

It's "a card game that transforms small talk into conversations that matter", says the YesHEis website. "Navigating deep conversations and sharing Jesus with friends of differing worldviews can be hard. Let’s Plunge fosters a safe space for friends to share deeper about who they are and what they value.

A Collective Movement

The yesHEis community is a network of online spaces for Christians to talk about evangelism, share their experiences, and celebrate their progress.

Together, as a united movement of Christians, yesHEis aims to lead the digital landscape towards a brighter future.

"Our brand launch is not the destination; it's the starting point for a new chapter," Du Toit said. “With a commitment to making every story count and sparking faith conversations, yesHEis reaffirms its mission to helping the world know Jesus.”

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  • Media enquiries: CV Communications Manager Katrice Schomburgk
  • About CV: CV is a global ministry committed to introducing the world to Jesus and encouraging them to be His true followers. They work to introduce a million people to Jesus each day in predominantly unreached areas, through optimised social media advertising and effective gospel content, alongside on-the-ground and digital pioneering activities.

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