Ben Cosford is a South Australian based artist who explores his passion for the arts and self-expression through music and acting.

Ben's music blends alternative folk-rock with an Aussie mindset, drawing on iconic Australian influences such as Paul Dempsey and the musical genius of Daniel Johns.

Since his childhood years, Ben has immersed himself in music by learning every instrument available to him – from the loud brass sounds of the cornet and tenor sax, to the more conventional piano, guitar and drums.

Singing has also been an integral part of Ben’s journey. Ben began song writing at the age of 13, and found his passion for acting and music combined in later years with lead roles in musicals. Collaboration also formed his experiences with time spent in a choir and even a barbershop quartet, which saw him singing alongside former bassist for Australian Punk-Rock band Frenzal Rhomb, Alexis ‘Lex’ Feltham.

Ben finds his passion for singing and acting provide a platform to open up discussion around mental health by sharing his own experiences of depression and a late ADHD diagnosis. Ben has felt an intense release of creative flow since making it out the other side of a 20-year battle with depression and is now more driven than ever to cement his place in the Australian music industry.

Visit Ben's Spotify Profile Here

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