Take Away Hunger Day Set to Change Lives on August 24

Take Away Hunger Day Set to Change Lives on August 24

Take Away Hunger Day: It’s more than a meal - it’s providing a future.

Australia's Christian radio stations are preparing for a first-ever nationwide Take Away Hunger Day appeal, set to change thousands of young lives in a new partnership with Feed the Hungry.

The campaign, set for August 24, will appeal to radio listeners on-air and online, to give gifts of just $6, to help refugee children in Uganda.

These children, living in refugee camps, are some of the world's most vulnerable - having fled violence in South Sudan and now struggling to survive, facing hunger on a daily basis.

Just $6 Feeds a Child For an Entire Month

Feed The Hungry makes a difference for these children, by providing a daily meal in school-based programs. Each $6 donation feeds a hungry child at school for an entire month.

This strategy means children don’t have to worry about their next meal anymore, and no longer have to choose between school and food. It means they can be children again, and ensures they are able to get an education, which means a brighter future.

Through Feed the Hungry, children in these programs also hear about a God who loves them.

On Take Away Hunger Day, every donation will not only help kids with the urgent meal they need right now, but will change their future and their life.

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