Remembering Richard Daniel, Christian Broadcaster and Industry Leader

Remembering Richard Daniel, Christian Broadcaster and Industry Leader

Richard Daniel has passed away from cancer, after a lifetime serving Jesus in the broadcast industry.

With a heavy heart, our sector is remembering beloved broadcaster and leader Richard Daniel, who passed away overnight on Sunday, May 19, after a three year journey with cancer.

What began as a melanoma on his leg in 2021, eventually progressed to brain cancer, and in the last two weeks after experiencing difficulties with his vision, three inoperable tumours were found deep in his brain. He passed away in hospital in Nambour.

After a lifetime working in radio and Christian media, Richard was in most recent years a valued member of the CMAA board, as well as a board member at both CV (Christian Vision) and Salt 106.5 on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast.

A Life Following Jesus

Born in 1958, Richard was raised in Sydney in a Christian family, and made a decision to follow Jesus at the age of 12 at his school ISCF group (Inter School Christian Fellowship).

Growing up, he had a friend whose dad worked in sales at 2UW, and he would go there after school with his two brothers Glenn Daniel and Terry Daniel, watching the announcers at work, and dreaming of getting behind the microphone himself.

His radio career famously started with station ‘2DD’ that he and his brothers set up in their bedroom. All three went on to have lifelong careers in radio and are familiar names in the industry.  The trio were honoured as a family in 2022 at the CMAA Excellence in Media Awards, jointly receiving the Legacy Award to acknowledge their contribution to the industry.

Broadcasting Across the Nation

Richard’s radio career included work at stations all around Australia: in the Northern Territory, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Canberra. In the early 2000s he started working with Christian Voice (CV), which at the time was broadcasting international shortwave radio across the Asia-Pacific to a potential audience of 3 billion, helping listeners in countries like China, India and Indonesia to find faith in Christ.

Once mobile phone technology began changing the media landscape, CV began to focus instead on digital evangelism through the internet and social media. Richard became head of CV’s Asia-Pacific region.

In an interview with Vision Radio in 2022, Richard spoke about his cancer diagnosis, describing the rollercoaster of emotion that goes with such a health journey, and how it prompted him to dig deeper into his faith.

“My wife and I increased our prayer journey something chronic,” he said. “We had family times of prayer. That was amazing.”

Asked what advice he would give to others facing similar challenges, his answer was: pray.

“Gather other people around you and share and get them to pray with you and for you,” he said.

Faith That Never Wavered

Phillip Randall, CEO of Hope Media, visited with Richard in his final days: “When I spent time with Richard last Tuesday, he said he was at peace whatever the outcome,” he said. “His quiet faith that God was in charge even in these most difficult of times, was inspirational.”

Richard is survived by his wife Julie, their children and grandchildren.

Celebration of Life Service

Service details to celebrate the life of Richard Daniels are as follows and all are welcome:
Tuesday 4th June 2024 at 2pm
At Calvary Christian Church - Sunshine Coast
212 Crosby Hill Rd, Tanawha QLD 4556

It will be live streamed on Tuesday via this link

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