Danni Synot Launches Podcast 'Brave Conversations'

Danni Synot Launches Podcast 'Brave Conversations'

Danni Synot and US Co-Host, Tom Mann, have partnered to launch a brave new podcast.

Danni Synot, host of Australia’s nationally syndicated Christian radio show Big Brave Life, has teamed up with American radio personality, Tom Mann, to launch the new podcast, Brave Conversations.

True to the podcast’s title, it’s a show that goes deep, as each episode features courageous conversations with people sharing about the most vulnerable parts of their journey, and how they emerged stronger with Jesus.

In each episode of Brave Conversations, you will learn a little more about Jesus in the middle of every story with healing and wisdom.

The podcast sits alongside a host of other popular shows on the Christian podcast platform, AccessMore, a sister-company to America’s radio networks K-LOVE and Air1. Brave Conversations is rubbing shoulders with offerings from Bob Goff, Christine Caine, Max Lucado, Lisa Harper, and many more.

Speaking about the inspiration behind the podcast, Danni said, “Tom and I both know first hand what it’s like to live through traumatic experiences and do the tough and messy work of healing.

“No-one should have to do that alone, or without the hope of Jesus. That’s the heart of every brave conversation in our podcast, the fact that everybody has a story, and every story matters.”

Tom said: “We’re here to help others emerge stronger. The truth is, life isn't always easy, but we're stronger together.”

But help doesn’t end with the podcast. The charity that Danni founded and continues to lead, Brave Enough, is a hub of helpful information, media and digital resources and wellbeing services to help people get ‘unstuck’.

Projects and resources include Brave Enough Careline, counselling, and Brave Enough Tribal, an international mentor-coaching program.

Brave Enough is also the birthplace of the popular radio spots Brave to Go Devos, and the nationally syndicated radio show Big Brave Life.

Aside from her role as CEO at Brave Enough, Danni Synot has worked as an assistant pastor and evangelist, has featured on a variety of Christian Television networks, and is also an author, speaker, preacher and qualified counsellor.

Tom Mann has worked with many US media networks in both radio and television, has his own production company and is a recognised voice across both TV and radio.

To listen to Brave Conversations Podcast please visit AccessMore.com.

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