Life FM Remembers Arthur Stace with First Ever 'Eternity Sunday'

Life FM Remembers Arthur Stace with First Ever 'Eternity Sunday'

Life FM is calling on Adelaide to pick up some chalk and help spread the message of hope.

In a bid to keep the legacy of ‘Mr Eternity’ Arthur Stace alive, and reach their city with the gospel, LifeFM in Adelaide is spearheading a new initiative called Eternity Sunday.

On Sunday, July 14, they are calling on churches, schools, and Adelaide residents to chalk the word ‘Eternity’ on driveways and walls (with permission!) to help inspire people to consider their own eternal destiny.

The initiative was launched on Monday, July 1st, at Oasis Family Church in Sheidow Park, a church that is very active in their community with a regular food pantry. Life FM’s Roadies team visited and helped church members and listeners to chalk ‘Eternity’ on the pavement and walls.

The radio station is asking participants to take photos of their handiwork, and post it on social media using the hashtag #EternitySunday and tagging the station with the handle @lifefmadelaide. To encourage creativity, they are also encouraging participants to create colourful artworks as part of the event.

Above: Some of the handiwork of Oasis Family Church.

The History of ‘Mr Eternity’

For 30 years, from the 1930s to the 1960s, a man named Arthur Stace faithfully chalked the word ‘Eternity’ in beautiful copperplate script with yellow chalk on the pavements of Sydney, country New South Wales, Newcastle, and Melbourne.

Mr Stace was a working class battler who struggled with poverty and alcoholism, until a pivotal message about eternity at a church outreach event, saw him make a commitment Jesus and changed his life. His story became famous when the Sydney Harbour Bridge was lit up with the word ‘Eternity’ at the 1999-2000 New Year’s Eve fireworks.

The story has inspired a number of cultural works such as books and documentaries, including Richard Attieh’s award-winning documentary, Written in Chalk: The Echo of Arthur Stace.

How Eternity Sunday Began

Eternity Sunday is the brainchild of David Maegraith, Life FM’s former community engagement manager, who is a big Christian history enthusiast. He approached station boss David Turrell with the idea and the concept came to life.

Register for the event on the Life FM Website, and find out more at

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