Honest and Life-Affirming New Book From Susie Holt

Honest and Life-Affirming New Book From Susie Holt

Susie Holt has released an honest new book - about losing her way, and finding it again.

For Susan Holt, reaching a place of overwhelm in her life led to a courageous journey of self- discovery. And it's a journey she has outlined in her honest and refreshing new book, Becoming Susan.

The book’s essence is outlined in its subtitle: Finding Joy and Delight, Fulfilment and Purpose, Fun and Meaning in Life Again.

It’s an honest and authentic read for anyone who is feeling exhausted and unfulfilled in life, or who has lost their joy. If that’s you, “you’re not alone”, says Susan.

Well known across Australia for her role on the Luke and Susie Show and her work at Gracify, Susan writes about the challenges life throws our way, and offers her readers both anecdotes and laughs, along with encouragement “to find their way back to themselves”.

The book has received warm reviews, such as “A book I will go back to”, from Bronwen, and from Mariska: “A great book to remind you that in the midst of a busy life, caring for others, you still need to spend time discovering and nurturing your passions and what makes you feel alive.”

Becoming Susan is available now in paperback form at gracifyme.com/products/becoming-susan, or as an ebook on Amazon.

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