Scott Morrison Talks Candidly About Faith on Vision Radio

Scott Morrison Talks Candidly About Faith on Vision Radio

"This is not a story about what I have done - it's a story about what God has done for me."

An interview with former Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Vision Christian Media has gained attention from the mainstream media.

The interview, by Neil Johnson, was held live on March 28th on the daily talk show 20Twenty, ahead of the release of Morrison’s memoir - Plans For Your Good: A Prime Minister’s Testimony of God’s Faithfulness.

The 40-minute interview covered a lot of territory, including:

  • Morrison's journey to personal faith in Jesus as a young person;
  • His Prime Ministership, his political leanings, and the influence of Malcolm Turnbull;
  • The road ahead as Australia becomes more secular, including society’s disillusionment with politics;
  • Changes in the media, political bias, and the rise of conservative media outlets;
  • How COVID19 changed Australia and our democracy;
  • The geo-political outlook in our region and China;
  • The Australian Law Reform Commission Report on  Religious Educational Institutions and Anti-Discrimination Laws;
  • Reflections on Morrison’s failed Religious Discrimination Bill and what lies ahead.

In the interview, Morrison spoke about his upcoming book, saying he had never intended to write a political memoir, an idea he considered "tedious", and instead decided to focus the book on the faithfulness of God in his life.

"This is not a story about what I have done - it's a story about what God has done for me," he said. "It's a testimony of His faithfulness, not mine... It's really to bear witness to that and to encourage others, regardless of what role you're in.

"Whether you're a prime minister or you're a teacher or a police officer, or you're running a small business or looking after elderly parents or kids - whatever vocation or role in life you find youreslf in, He's got a plan, and what we seek to do is get on that plan."

The memoir is due for release in May and it delves into how Morrison’s Christian faith influenced his leadership.

The Vision radio interview can be heard as an episode of the 20Twenty podcast, titled Scomo’s Memoir Politics and Faith.

Neil Johnson is host of the long running daily talk program 20Twenty on Vision Christian Radio. He is author of the book Public Christians in a Secular Age.

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