Heroes 2 Smartphone Gaming App Makes Bible Trivia Fun!

Heroes 2 Smartphone Gaming App Makes Bible Trivia Fun!

This new app drops on March 25th and aims to combat Bible illiteracy with a fun game to enjoy on smartphones.

Learn while you have fun, this is the motto of Heroes 2! On this app, designed for smartphones, the most prominent Bible characters ask you interactive questions about their lives.

The game will be released on March 25th completely for free, as a tool to curb secularism and Bible illiteracy.

Available for Android and iOS, the game starts in Genesis, the first book of the Bible. Adam and Eve, the first heroes who ever lived, ask twelve questions about their lives. With each correct answer, a player accumulates experience points to unblock the next heroes, until they reach John and the book of Revelation. At first, the questions are easy, but as the game progresses the level of difficulty increases. Players can challenge their friends by simply sharing a link at any stage.

Comic Stories are Now Bigger than Bible Stories

According to Sam Neves, the creative behind the project, “the real challenge is that young people today know more about the comics stories than the Bible stories. Therefore, Heroes was born, to encourage them to familiarise themselves with the fascinating stories of the Bible, and to discover they are called to be God’s heroes today”.

From David, the giant slayer, John, the son of thunder, Samson, the legend, to Joseph, the dreamer; these characters introduced in the game are examples of courage and biblical masculinity. And Esther, the queen of courage, Ruth, the wise widow, and Mary Magdalene, nicknamed ‘Tomb Raider’, are our ‘wonder women’ and they teach important lessons to girls,” says Sam Neves.

The game will be released by the end of March, in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, and more languages will be added shortly. However, the game can already be pre-ordered on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Those who wish to start playing right now, can join the beta testing team, registering here.

Game Features:

  • 3D Characters: This version of Heroes features truly stunning 3D characters.
  • Multiplayers: With Heroes 2 players are able to challenge family and friends by sharing a simple link. Your friends will play and answer the same exact 12 questions to try to beat your score.
  • Full Background Stories:You can explore the world of each hero with our character profiles and understand their motivations and dreams.
  • 10 Special Effects:There are 10 fun effects that help you save time and progress faster.
    Some of the effects are:
    - Daniel Effect: reveals the Bible verse where the correct answer is found.
    - Joshua Effect: freezes time for 5 seconds just as the sun stopped for Joshua.
    - Jonah effect: skips the question just as Jonah skipped the mission.
    - Lazarus effect: gives you a second chance… get it?
    - Jesus effect: It shows you the way, pointing to the correct answer.
    - Friday effect: doubles how much manna you get per question!
  • Original Soundtrack:Our beautiful soundtrack was composed by Clayton Nunes and recorded by The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Williams Costa Jr.
  • Engaging Narrative:These stories will make you laugh and cry. They will bring joy and purpose to your life as they have to billions of people over the last 3,000 years.

A rising market

The online gaming market grew considerably during the pandemic of Covid19, reaching 2.7 billion global users by the end of 20201.

Among different game genres, Bible trivia games are getting more attention, like Heroes the Game, launched in 2013 as a pioneer Christian game, that paved the way for many other projects and developments. From the date it was released, the game generated over 10,000 minutes of interaction with its users. It is expected that Heroes 2: The Bible Trivia Game, will carry the torch!

For more information or to organise an interview contact@heroesbibletrivia.org

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