‘The Watchlist’ Podcast Will Help You Decipher Meaning From your Entertainment

‘The Watchlist’ Podcast Will Help You Decipher Meaning From your Entertainment

'The Watchlist' podcast will help you think through the themes raised in some of the most popular movies and TV shows.

For years, film buffs Russ Matthews (of Reel Dialogue), and Laura Bennett (from Hope 103.2 Afternoons), have been chatting on-air about movies, TV, and the meaning we can find in them.

Now, they're combining their shared loves of the screen and faith, to launch a new podcast called The Watchlist, available both on audio streaming and in video on Youtube.

Each fortnight, they'll drop a new episode promising to help listeners "decipher all the voices in entertainment, and think about the themes and cultural conversations that shows and movies raise". They'll unpack the blockbusters on the big screen, as well as the series and movies that can only be found on streaming platforms.  

Together, they promise to solve that contradictory problem we sometimes face, where we are drowning in a sea of content, but still find "nothing to watch".

Episode one tackles the Oscars, the ongoing impact of “the slap” incident, and what influence Hollywood’s “night of nights” really has on what we watch and the social movements we get behind.

Stream the audio of episode one or watch the video below.

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