Changing the Performing Arts from the Inside Out: StorytellersCo

Changing the Performing Arts from the Inside Out: StorytellersCo

It’s the dream of Bethany Carlos to see performers transformed, set free, and released into their creative calling.

Bethany Carlos, founder of Storytellers Co, has a big vision.

Through the discipling and encouraging of performing artists, through her faith-based theatre company, she hopes to bring change to the performing arts industry, and to the nation of Australia.

“I believe that Jesus wants to awaken a whole people group, a whole nation that, that I see as artists and storytellers, that he wants to ignite fresh hope and fresh passion in storytellers that his gospel can go into places that it's never been before,” she said.

“And I believe that we don't want to just create a Christian industry, but we want to create stories that go into the industry and transform people from the inside out.”

She is achieving this through the transformation of the lives who come through her company, one production and one performer at a time.

Bethany and her performing arts company are among the many artists and creators in the ‘MADE’ network: an initiative of CMAA bringing together creatives in the Christian community, to foster greater unity, excellence and innovation.

You can find out more about StorytellersCo at the following places:

Explore the work of more MADE creatives and artists here and on Instagram at @made_aus.

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