New Releases from Watoto will Bring You Joy this Christmas

New Releases from Watoto will Bring You Joy this Christmas

Watoto Children’s Choir's new Christmas album is a vibrant celebration of the birth of Jesus!

Watoto are a world-famous children’s choir. Over the decades they’ve performed for Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace, the US President at the White House, as well as touring Australia and performing for former Prime Minister John Howard in Canberra.

Though the COVID-19 pandemic has prevented the children’s choir from touring, it hasn’t dampened their creative spirits or their love of singing. So Watoto Australia is releasing three songs from a special Christmas album to the Christian media sector: Angels, Joy to the World and Go Tell it on the Mountain.

These inspirational Christmas tracks are a free gift to you, with love from Watoto, to say thank you, and to celebrate this special time of year together – across the world! All we ask is that you introduce the song from Watoto Australia, and the Watoto Children’s Choir, as we celebrate Christmas with you.

While the world has been locked down, dedicated Australians have ensured that thousands of Africa’s most vulnerable children have been provided with safe homes, and everything they need to know they’re loved and cared for during this difficult time,” says Watoto Australia & NZ Country Director Tim Sisarich. “We just want to say thank you and make sure that you know how much we love you and appreciate the support of the Watoto family in Australia and New Zealand.”

Though new to his role as Watoto Country Director, Tim is well known in Christian media circles for his own career as a radio host. Tim has a deep passion and sensitivity for those who struggle to help themselves. He grew up in Fiji and has dedicated himself to serving the vulnerable in Israel and Palestine, Afghanistan and Mexico, as well as working in multiple children’s ministry roles in his native
New Zealand.

This Christmas album is a celebration of music, of the Watoto children and their God-inspired talent and resilience,” says Tim. “The past two years have been incredibly challenging for the children and for the whole world. So that makes it even more important to celebrate Christmas together! Despite a pandemic and the distance between us, we can be united in our love for Jesus and the celebration of His birth.”

Listeners are encouraged to access the whole album by clicking here to listen to the choir’s brand-new tracks.

Watoto Australia Resources

To access resources including an audio update from Tim, intros and outros for each song, scripts for announcers, and three songs for airplay CLICK HERE

About Watoto:

A Watoto village is a safe place where orphaned and vulnerable children can truly experience the love of a family. Watoto villages provide homes, families and holistic care to over 3,000 children who receive everything they need to grow up healthy and whole—food, clothing, medical care, education and, most of all, the love of a mother.

Known also for sharing the Gospel around the world through the Watoto Children’s Choir, they have met Her Majesty the Queen, performed for the President of the United States, and visited almost every major parliament in the world. Amongst those remarkable moments, the children have cherished their opportunities to perform for, and meet, people from all over the world, sharing the joy of the Gospel.

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