Devotions, Downloads and Dad Jokes

Devotions, Downloads and Dad Jokes

History Makers: Devotions, Downloads & Dad Jokes is the latest book from Brisbane Pastor and host of Historymakers Radio Matt Prater.

By Steff Willis - 96five

Looking to step out in your walk with God while having a few laughs along the way?

Matt Prater’s latest book History Makers: Devotions, Downloads and Dad Jokes will take you on a devotional journey through God’s Word.

“The idea behind History Makers is just hearing someone’s story about what their life is like” said Matt Prater.

“How they became a Christian, how they’re making a difference in the world, how they’re making history. By nature, we’re just curious people. We love to hear people’s stories."

With so many resources available to Christians, why a book on devotions?

“It is how I have survived all these years as a pastor and in ministry” Matt shared.

“When I first became the pastor at New Hope, the founding pastor said to me ‘you need to be reading through the bible every year and journaling’ and I was like ‘wow, that’s a big ask, that’s going to be difficult’.

“For 17 years now I’ve had this habit, every day I’ll read through four or five chapters and then I’ll write down some things that God might speak to me about and then I’ll pray about them.

“Most of my preaching and my evangelism and the things that I do come out of that quiet time with God.” Matt Prater

“I just believe it’s foundational. I really felt God say to me many years ago that your public ministry needs to flow out of your private prayer life. It’s foundational for every believer, we’ve got to have that devotional time with God everyday.

To find out more about Matt’s devotional journey with some humour scattered in too, check out the website.

History Makers: Devotions, Downloads and Dad Jokes is out now.

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