Community Broadcast Leaders Gather to Brainstorm the Future

Community Broadcast Leaders Gather to Brainstorm the Future

CMAA is playing a role in helping to shape the future of the community media sector.

It’s no secret: rapid technological change means the future of community broadcast is different to what it looks like today.

With this in mind, CMAA is proud to be joining forces with other leaders of the broadcast sector, to help shape ‘Roadmap 2033’ – an initiative supported by CBAA and CBF inviting us to envision the future of community media.

Last week CEO Nathan Brown, chair Penny Mulvey, and deputy chair Stephen O’Doherty attended Roadmap 2033 Leadership Forum - a gathering of community broadcasting representatives from across Australia - to talk about the challenges the future holds, and the shared outcomes they want to see.

Topics on the table included the importance of collaboration and unity, the need for legislative change, and the unique opportunity for our sector to offer audiences ‘hyper-local news’.

Nathan Brown said it was heartening to have so many sector leaders gather around a common cause.

“Roadmap 2033 is a once in a generation opportunity that involves government, and a broad and deep cross-section of voices from across community broadcasting, to effectively define a common voice for the future of the sector,” he said.

“CMAA and its members and will be involved in a number of gatherings, surveys and online opportunities to ensure members’ opinions and insights are considered.”

Nathan added that it was great to see unity at work.

It was amazing how unified the people are in the room… it felt like we were all on the same page,” he said. “Which is so exciting, because it’s great to be of one mind when we are such a diverse sector.”

Further Roadmap gatherings will be held in March and April.

To contribute your thoughts and ideas about the future of community broadcasting, you can subscribe for project updates, and you will be given the chance to respond to a discussion paper.

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