NEW PODCAST: The Lord's Prayer

NEW PODCAST: The Lord's Prayer

The world's most famous prayer is discussed in depth on Hope 103.2 latest podcast.

Millions know it by heart. Some say it daily. You might pray it more often.

But whenever you pray The Lord’s Prayer, do you know what you are praying for?

Approachable and encouraging, The Lord’s Prayer podcast takes a closer look at the very prayer Jesus gave us as a model for how we approach God.

Every episode explores each clause or petition of The Lord’s Prayer, so we can give more glory to God and provide practical fire for our prayer lives.

In conversation with Hope 103.2's Mornings host Ben McEachen, theologian and Christian thinker David Hohne mines the gold within this unforgettable prayer.

Why is it a big deal that God is our Heavenly Father?

What’s the link between Jesus as Lord and God’s will being done on earth as in heaven?

Hasn't the Kingdom of God come already?

Will only bread be provided to me each day, provided I pray for it?

Does God only forgive me if I forgive other people?

David Hohne is a lecturer in Christian Thought at Moore Theological College in Sydney, Australia. He also wrote The Last Things, a detailed book about how The Lord’s Prayer is a lens for understanding God’s purposes for us, in Jesus, now and into eternity.

The Lord’s Prayer podcast will help you rekindle your love for the world’s most famous prayer and deepen your grasp of its potent riches.

Listen to first episode of The Lord's Prayer here or wherever you get your podcasts.

Ben McEachen and David Hohne are available for interviews: (02) 9854 7008 or

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