Powerful and Remarkable Podcast from Clayton Bjelan

Powerful and Remarkable Podcast from Clayton Bjelan

You have never come across a podcast more moving or courageous as 'Incurable' - a conversation between mother and son during the last stages of her life.

What happens once you’ve been told you have incurable cancer?

Given just months to live due to incurable cancer – Rhonda Bjelan did something remarkable.

She agreed to do a podcast with her son, documenting each step in her journey from diagnosis to death.  Why?  So others going through something similar might be helped.

Incurable – the podcast is a deeply personal insight into the emotional rollercoaster that all families experience when faced with the reality of losing their Mum.

Clayton has spent 20 years in radio and is best known to the CMAA community through his work with 89.9 TheLight in Melbourne, and his weekly interview show In Conversation with Clayton.  Over the years, he’s interviewed hundreds of people on all kinds of topics – but nothing prepared him to interview his Mum throughout her terminal cancer journey.

"It came about when my Mum was given a diagnosis of Incurable cancer and then passed away 3 months later," says Clayton. "The remarkable thing is that she agreed to do a podcast with me about her thoughts, feelings, doubts, worries, regrets and hopes during that time."  

Covering the emotions, the disbelief, the struggle of facing death, the preciousness of time and what really is important.  It also deals with the big question of why would God let this happen?

After spending between 300 and 400 hours producing this podcast, Clayton shares that the hope for this mother and son conversation is that it, "helps people who may go through something similar and introduces people to Jesus!  (That was Mum's hope)."

With a Facebook group set up to help those who may be going through something similar (and their families), ‘Incurable’ is non-commercial on purpose, it is designed simply to help.

Incurable, the Mother & Son podcast is launching May 1st – just before Mothers Day

To request an interview with Clayton email media@podsonpurpose.com

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