Members Hitting Fundraising Goals in June Appeals

Members Hitting Fundraising Goals in June Appeals

Many stations have reached or come close to their June Appeal goals.

In what has been a tough financial climate, there is good news pouring in from our member stations as many have either reached or come close to their June Appeal fundraising targets.

VisionFM began their appeal in May, making them the first to reach 100% of their audacious goal of “2 million and 26 dollars”.

“The $26 is a little bit extra to remind us of who we’re doing this for – the 26 million souls who call Australia home, who God loves and who need to know the Gospel,” said Vision CEO Phil Edwards.

Other stations to hit 100% of their fundraising targets included Brisbane’s 96five, Perth’s Sonshine, Townsville's 99.9 Live FM which reached $143,595, and Adelaide’s Life FM, which is currently sitting on 103% of their goal at $352,000.

Hope 103.2 had reached 95% of their target, which as monetary amount was a record breaking result for the organisation. This was an incredible achievement given the station was only 58% funded two days before the end of the financial year. A landslide of last minute support over the final weekend saw them come much closer to their overall goal.

Information on appeal results was not available for all radio stations, but others to see great results by June 30 included Rhema Newcastle (86% of $650,000), Rhema Central Coast (85% of $150,000) and Canberra (79%), while Darwin’s 97seven reached $33,000 towards their goal.

Stations to use innovative incentives during their appeals included 89.9 TheLight, which partnered with Food Bank Victoria to provide meals to families in need. With every donation of $100 or pledge of $10 a month, 10 meals were provided to those in need through Food Bank.

GOOD Has a Great Result With First Ever On-Air Appeal

A newcomer to the 'Live' June Appeal landscape was GOOD. In the past, the TV channel has conducted all its fundraising via mail, email and SMS. This year, they took their fundraising on air for 10 days. Content included daily segments, challenges tied to premiere content releases, and a 10-minute appeal show broadcast each evening including viewer testimonies.  

Marketing manager Tim Weatherall said the team was 'humbled and encouraged' as over 1000 new donors stepped up to the plate, helping the station raise over $370,000 - almost 93% of their $400,000 goal.

“The campaign was by far the most successful viewer fundraising we have ever done with almost a 1000% increase on anything we have ever done before in a single campaign, and we are grateful for the amazing response,” Tim said.

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