2022 Research Shows More Are Listening Exclusively to Christian Radio

2022 Research Shows More Are Listening Exclusively to Christian Radio

The latest data from McNair yellowSquares indicates more than 57,000 more people listening to nothing but Christian Radio in Australia.

The Community Radio Listener Survey is a survey of the community radio listening habits of Australians.

It is a hybrid telephone and online survey of a representative sample of over 17,000 Australians over the age of 15, across all Australian states and territories and is coordinated on behalf of the entire Community Broadcasting sector, through the CBAA. The survey is conducted by McNair yellowSquares, an accredited Australian market and social research organisation with a long history of media research dating back to the first radio audience surveys held in the 1930s.

Christian radio listening figures are a measure of both Australian Christian Community Radio Stations and the Vision Radio Network.

The latest data for December 2022 has been released and reports that 1,814,000 Australians are now listening to Christian radio each week. Interestingly, 200,000 Australians state they listen exclusively to Christian radio and no other. This number is trending upwards - from 170,000 at the beginning of 2022, and up from 143,000 in 2021.

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