New Podcast Encourages Churches to Do Life Together

New Podcast Encourages Churches to Do Life Together

96five has partnered with Intergenerate Australia & New Zealand to produce 'Engage All Ages'; a podcast that will help faith communities draw closer together across the generations.

96five has joined forces with Intergenerate Australia and New Zealand to create a new podcast series ahead of Intergenerate's national conference.

Engage All Ages is all about helping churches and faith communities explore how they might draw closer together, and move towards each other across the generations.  In short, intergenerational worship is simply the bringing together of everyone, regardless of age, in mutual serving, learning and sharing within the core activities of a church.

At the heart of the movement is a desire to see greater levels of community and closeness within church congregations.

Engage All Ages is hosted by Michael Stalley and Tammy Preston.  Tammy is the founding pastor of an intergenerational community in Australia and has been actively involved in ministry to children and their families for 33 years. She is currently doing her Ph.D. in Intergenerational ministry at Cardiff University in Wales.

Tammy Preston and Michael Stalley are the hosts of the podcast 'Engage All Ages'.

Michael was involved with 96five as a volunteer in the 1990’s, helping to secure the temporary, full time broadcast licence in 1997.  He is now the Rector of St Bartholomew’s at Mt Gravatt and an Examining Chaplain in the Anglican Church.

The podcast has been produced in conjunction with 96five, with Justin Rouillon providing technical assistance and sound design.

Both Michael and Tammy hold leadership positions within Intergenerate Australia, a non denominational organisation that also has sister organisations in the USA and the United Kingdom.

This six part podcast series will focus on what Tammy and Michael have coined “the six C’s”; these are six keys or concepts that can help churches find ways to move towards each other across the generations.

“The podcast has been a great chance to talk to colleagues in Australia and around the world who have some wisdom in this space”, said Tammy.

“To be part of an intergenerational faith community has been so life giving, because even in my troubles I had a group of people who actually saw me and loved me, no matter what I was going through.”

Michael said that unconditional acceptance was a huge benefit to what this unique setting provides.

“Focusing on something like the importance of relationship – now people can know us and accept us for who we are.  A place where I can be and be known so well brings a sense of safety and a sense that one belongs.”

Engage All Ages is available now on the 96five podcast page, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts. New episodes will release fortnightly, every second Monday.

Article supplied with thanks to 96five.

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