To see a culture where lives and society are redeemed and transformed...
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Christian Media & Arts Australia

For 40 years CMAA has existed to see Jesus made known through media and the arts.  

Our Vision is to see a culture where lives and society are redeemed and transformed through knowing Jesus Christ.

Our mission is to advocate and empower the creativity, excellence and unity of members and Christians in media and the arts so as to spark a movement that transforms lives.

CMAA is a registered Charity in Australia with two Register of Cultural Organisation tax deductible funds - the CMAA Media Fund and the CMAA Arts Fund.

Funding for operations comes from membership fees, events revenues, granting organisations and donor partners.  To find out more about supporting the work of CMAA through tax deductible giving, please visit our Donate Page.

Meet the Team

CMAA Board

Penny Mulvey, Chair of CMAA. Head of Communications and Public Affairs, Bible Society Australia. Committees: Connect Women & Finance Committee.
Stephen O'Doherty, Deputy Chair of CMAA, Chair of Hope Media, Sydney Chair of 96five, Brisbane and Chair of Salt1065, Sunshine Coast. Committees: Finance Committee & Advocacy and Policy.
Clayton Bjelan, CEO of PositiveMedia
Richard Daniel, Asia Area Director, CV Asia Pacific. 
Susan Sohn, Founder of SomoSociety. 
Stuart Harris, Founder of Story Strategist. Committees: Arts Committee. 
Joshua Crowther, Executive Director, Dunham+Company Australia. Committees: Finance Committee
Elizabeth Torres-Russell, Chief of Staff, Vision Christian Media

CMAA Operations

CMAA Operates with a small team of employees and relies on specialist contractors for specific projects and operations.

Nathan Brown, CEO. Committees: Arts Committee and Finance Committee. 
Kim Wilkinson, Member Connections and Communications Manager.
Jeff Miller, Executive Officer, Policy & Advocacy 
Aly Magat, Events Director
Clare Bruce, Digital Content Producer - More About Clare

Strategic Plan

A full copy of the CMAA Strategic Plan, September 2020 can be accessed here.

Annual Reports

2019 | 2020 | 2021

Key Policies and Forms

Privacy Policy | Complaints Policy | Diversity Policy | Talent Release Form

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