Wisdom for Christian Leaders in Latest Podcast

Wisdom for Christian Leaders in Latest Podcast

Brian Harris and his team have launched a podcast tackling issues of Christian leadership and spiritual formation.

For a stimulating conversation about spiritual formation, ethical leadership, and the modern challenges facing the Christian faith—look no further than Stirrers and Saints: The Podcast.

Launched in June 2024, this podcast dives into topics that believers and Christian leaders are grappling with, but don’t often get a chance to explore indepth.

The podcast is hosted by Brian Harris, Jennifer Argue, Jon Bergmann and Aaron Chidgzey, and springboards off the recent publication of Brian’s book, Stirrers and Saints: Forming Spiritual Leaders of Skill, Depth and Character.

Filled with wise and thoughtful discussions, it sometimes takes leadership issues and current-day topics in unexpected directions, adding ideas and insights that aren’t often considered.

When asked, "Why another podcast?" Brian explained that he wanted to fill a gap he noticed in his own listening.

"Questions about spiritual formation, leadership and the future of Christianity are enormously important,” he said. “There is a lot of repetition in the space, but we were struck by how many really important things are not being explored. While the podcast has some amazing content, it's as much about the posture it adopts as the questions being asked.

“The team listens deeply to points raised and resists giving dismissive answers. I think we've been able to come up with something that is fresh, engaging and often inspiring. Sometimes we manage to be funny - which helps as well.

“If you are tired of shallow tropes, superficial platitudes and entirely predictable sentiments, this podcast is for you.”

Some of the issues covered in the podcast so far include:

  • how to confidently express and hold to your values in the 21st century
  • navigating conflict, disappointment, and failure
  • the role of leaders as change agents
  • what it means to be a 'quiet' leader
  • encouragement for those who are ‘reluctant leaders’
  • leading when you don’t have all the answers

Stirrers and Saints: The Podcast is an initiative of the Centre for Faith and Life. You can find it on Podbean, Apple, Spotify, Amazon, iHeart, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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