Finding Gold in Everyone: Ange and Beck from The Gold Diggers

Finding Gold in Everyone: Ange and Beck from The Gold Diggers

There’s gold in everyone, say podcasters Ange and Beck – and it’s their mission to find it.

Ange and Beck from the Gold Diggers podcast live up to the name of their show. In every podcast episode, once they’ve finished interviewing, they then take a moment to speak to their guest about the gold they can see inside them.

The pair say that it’s their favourite moment of the show.

“It’s really a special moment,” said Ange. “It's telling somebody their value and it is just like a kiss from heaven because it's telling them how God sees them. But it's in an environment that really they can receive that well. And there's emotion, there's tears and it goes to a really deep level in their soul."

“Sometimes when we give them their gold, we feel the Holy Spirit actually put the words in our mouth,” said Beck. “It’s like prophecy and it, it hits real deep and that's when we see the tears, that's when we feel it as well. Sometimes we’re surprised at what comes out of our mouths… They get a touch of God and they feel heard.”

The hosts say that the aim of their podcast is to encourage listeners to go deeper with the people in their life to try and discover the gold in others.

Ange and Beck are among the many artists and creators in the ‘MADE’ network: an initiative of CMAA bringing together creatives in the Christian community, to foster greater unity, excellence and innovation.

You can follow the Gold Diggers podcast in the following ways:

Explore the work of more MADE creatives and artists here, and on Instagram at @made_aus.

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