Music to Help People Connect With Their Faith: Meet M22

Music to Help People Connect With Their Faith: Meet M22

M22 came into the spotlight when they won Best Australian Artist at the 2023 ‘Peoples Choice Awards’.

M22 is a band formed at Penola Catholic College in Melbourne, writing songs to helpe people connect with their faith. Here they present a snippet of their latest single, All I Need.

They came into the spotlight in 2023 when they took out the Best Australian Artist award in CMAA’s ‘People’s Choice Awards’.

You can catch the full song All I Need, as well as some of M22's other tunes on their Youtube Channel, @M22music, and follow them on Instagram @m22music.

M22 are among the many artists and creators in the ‘MADE’ network: an initiative of CMAA bringing together creatives in the Christian community, to foster greater unity, excellence and innovation.

Explore the work of more MADE creatives and artists here and on Instagram at @made_aus.

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