Burning Questions Answered in 96five's New Podcast

Burning Questions Answered in 96five's New Podcast

Brisbane's 96five just keeps on growing its list of great podcasts.

Right out of the gate as the new year gets underway, comes another a brand new podcast from Brisbane’s 96five.

Hosted by Steff Willis and Micah Gibson, it’s called 52Q, and it’s a weekly offering structured around one new question about life, every episode. Each question is answered by a different expert.

From questions about buying your first home, to how to avoid burnout, or how to set healthy social media boundaries, 52Q is a chance to hear solid answers to the things that affect us all.

Hosts Steff and Micah said their curiosity is what inspired the podcast.

“I’m annoyingly curious,” Steff said. “I love asking questions and getting to the heart of the matter and I so desperately want to learn and grow year on year, but it doesn’t always feel like there’s a safe place to ask your questions”.

“I do have questions about life, big ones and little ones, and the more I talked to friends and colleagues I realised that I’m not the only one with questions,” Micah said. “And so I came up with the idea of taking real questions from real people and asking real life experts, and to do this every week. Hence the name 52Q. A question a week.”

Guests include people such as entrepreneurs, psychologists, pastors and more, and the aim is to “go beyond the answers you find in your search engine”.

Topics tackled so far include “How do I set achievable goals?”, “Will I ever be able to buy a house?”, and “Why do I feel so exhausted after holidays?”.

New episodes will drop every Monday morning, making 52Q a great way to start off your week.

52Q is a production of Brisbane’s 96five. To explore their full stable of podcasts, visit the 96five podcast page.

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