Chico Johnson: From Rising R&B Star, to Songwriter for God

Chico Johnson: From Rising R&B Star, to Songwriter for God

Before he started making music for God, Chico Johnson was on track to be the next big thing in the R&B scene.

Singer Songwriter Chico Johnson was on a sure path to being an R&B star, when God began to speak to him about his life’s direction.

He made the bold decision to turn down the opportunity of a lifetime, and instead begin to make music with a heavenly message.

“I got conviction that if I did that show, it was gonna tie me into something that was probably gonna lead me down a long dark road,” he says.

“But the next day I woke up with a whole new step and we recorded a whole new fresh album. And this was the first time I just got to speak freedom on a track… and from that point is where I started to make the best music in my life.”

Chico now loves to make music to encourage young people in their identity, and to help lead people to Christ.

Chico Johnson is one of the many artists and creators in the ‘MADE’ network: an initiative of CMAA bringing together creatives in the Christian community, to foster greater unity, excellence and innovation.

You can follow Chico in the following ways:

Explore the work of more MADE creatives and artists here and on Instagram at @made_aus.

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