No Topic is Taboo on New Podcast for 40+ Women

No Topic is Taboo on New Podcast for 40+ Women

Aimed at 40+ women, 'She Wasn't Born Yesterday' boldly goes where other podcasts don't.

From sex and menopause to dating and divorce, no topic is taboo in the latest podcast launched by Hope Media.

She Wasn’t Born Yesterday is the title of the podcast, hosted by former advertising creative Janet Evans, and sex and relationship therapist Dr Amelia Haines.

It’s aimed at women over 40, and together the hosts chat with an array of high-profile guests, about the huge range of issues women face.

“So many unique issues affect women of our age, including empty nest syndrome…. nothing’s off limits in She Wasn’t Born Yesterday,” Janet said in an interview.

“We really dive headfirst into them but hopefully with lightness and relevant wit where possible. We are incredibly lucky to chat to some very high-profile guests, including CEOs of important organisations, who share their expertise with us and our audience.”

In addition to women’s health and relationships, the podcast delves into topics like financial planning, homelessness, women using porn, caring for ageing parents, and even makeup tips.

Amelia and Janet were the authors of Australia’s first book on empty nest syndrome Empty Next, and became affectionately known as the ‘Empty Nest Chicks’. Their podcast is a continuation of what they learnt while writing the book.

“In writing the book, we realised there are so many unique things affecting us women at this 40+ fabulous phase of life and people aren’t talking about those either,” said Janet.

Podcast guests include doctors, CEOs and even a former Premier.

The podcast launches on International Women’s Day, March 8th. Catch the episodes via Apple, Spotify, iheartor on the website of Hope 103.2.

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