Welcome to CMAA's New Website

Welcome to CMAA's New Website

Filled with the latest news, content in the world of Christian Media and Arts, plus added access for CMAA Members.

The Team at CMAA is excited to announce the launch of their new website.

With greater clarity, easy of discovery, and loads more content, we trust you'll find a wealth of information and inspiration regarding Christian Media and the Arts.

To best serve our community, and those interested in CMAA we've created three levels of access to the website.

  1. PUBLIC Access - for those interested in Christian Media and the Arts, what we do, and some of the news happening in the sector, and a few 'stand out' content pieces from our Conferences.
  2. SUBSCRIBER Access - for those eager to sign up to gain greater access to information and content.
  3. MEMBER Access - As part of a paid CMAA Membership, all of the exclusive content, products and services are freely available to Member Organisations and their personnel.

Looking around, you'll see that public access only gives you some, but not all of the news and content available to subscribers. To do this, you simply have to SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE.

And once you've signed in, you're in - no more saving passwords or logging in every time - brilliant huh?


When you subscribe, you'll unlock access to stories, jobs and unique Christian & Media Arts content to help you grow your missional reach, influence and impact.

We hope you will take a look around at the many benefits awaiting you through this new website, and if you have any feedback please let us know.

Thank you for your interest in Christian Media and Arts, we trust you'll join us as we endeavour towards the transformation of lives, society and culture.

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