Mind Made Matter Podcast: Christmas Edition

Mind Made Matter Podcast: Christmas Edition

96five breakfast host Ken Green returns with some seasonal themed episodes in this original podcast series.

Earlier this year, 96five breakfast host Ken Green turned his passion for apologetics into a podcast series called Mind Made Matter

The original ten episode series was inspired by a quote by Professor John Lennox, and shared bite sized thoughts and concepts, in an understandable and easy to access format.

The podcast proved a hit with listeners far and wide, even peaking in the top five of the Apple Podcast’s Christianity Charts.

Now Ken has turned his attention to the festive season, with a short series focused on some of the questions around Christmas and the birth of Christ.

In the first episode Ken looks though history in an attempt to find out how close the modern depiction of Santa Claus and sleigh bells is to the real reason for the season.

It’s the story of Saint Nicholas, a saint celebrated in many Greek and Eastern Orthodox churches, and how we got to the modern-day Santa.

Episode one is available now, with episodes releasing every Friday for the next few weeks.  Ask the big questions this Christmas, with the Mind Made Matter podcast.

Listen in the 96five app, in the audio player above, or find Mind Made Matter wherever you get your podcasts.

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