New Podcast 'Songs That Changed You' Already Making an Impact

New Podcast 'Songs That Changed You' Already Making an Impact

Aiden Grant, host of Drive on Adelaide's Life FM, is making an impact with his new podcast, "Songs that Changed You"

Who knew that stories about the songs which changed people’s lives and faith walk, could be so impacting?

Aiden Grant, host of the new faith-based podcast, Songs That Changed You, is already hearing from non-Christian listeners, who’ve been moved by some of what they’re hearing on his early episodes.

By day, Aiden is the Drive host at Adelaide’s 107.9 Life FM, but he’s also a seasoned podcaster, having hosted several titles including Vinyl Soul, winner of a gong in The Australia Podcast Awards.

On Songs That Changed You, he combines two of his great loves, music and God, speaking to guests about their favourite song, how it changed their life, and how it drew them closer to God.

Aiden said he excited to see the early impact of the podcast.

“Our faith can sometimes be tough to share with others but using the launching point of a favourite song makes it easier,” he said. “It’s funny, already I’ve been contact by several people who have no interest in God or even Christian radio, but have really enjoyed the podcast and got something out of it. It’s awesome to see God moving in people’s lives through this.”

Guests on Season 1 include 89.9 The Light’s Breakfast host Lucy Holmes, singer and former Play School presenter Colin Buchanan, 4-time Grammy winner Mark Lee Townsend, and former Hillsong Pastor Nathan Finochio, among others.

The trailer and first two episodes are out now, with new episodes dropping every Tuesday, then simulcast on 107.9 Life FM the next day in Aiden’s Drive show.

You can find Songs That Changed You on Spotify, on Apple Podcasts, or wherever you get your podcasts.

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