Church Leaders Embrace Australian Future Survey

Church Leaders Embrace Australian Future Survey

Churches are focused on what the future holds as over 140 thousand get ready to participate in the National Church life Survey this September.

The largest, longest running survey of local churches in the world, the NCLS has tracked the life of the Australian church and its attenders for over 30 years. In 2021 NCLS researchers are calling on every local Christian church in Australia to take part.

The Christian community is constantly interacting with social trends, cultural diversity and other challenges and opportunities. To grow and thrive, it is imperative churches engage the changing context. The Church Life Survey is an important tool that enables us to listen to what churchgoers are saying, and provide an informed response,” says NCLS Director, Dr Ruth Powell.

Conducted every five years, 2021 marks a 30-year milestone for the NCLS with the focus on hearing every voice, looking at the big picture and reporting on emerging trends.

The 2021 NCLS finds out who church attenders are, their demographics and how they engage with their local church. It seeks to understand their views on a broad range of issues including church health, leadership, inclusion, wellbeing, spiritual beliefs and practices, especially during a time of crises.

The 2021 survey doesn’t shy away from difficult subjects. We know that there are divergent views across church communities”. Dr Powell says understanding church attender and leader attitudes towards current issues are crucial for an informed contemporary ministry.

The NCLS Research team works across all Christian churches and aims to provide accurate and informative data for churches to use to connect with their community. It is also a valuable tool for various interest groups and more broadly, provides a springboard for further academic research.

Results of the 2021 NCLS will be released from March 2022 onward.

For more information or an interview with NCLS Director, Dr Ruth Powell, please contact: Bethany Smith,

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