'Everyday Joy' Launched as Positive Media's First Podcast Offering

'Everyday Joy' Launched as Positive Media's First Podcast Offering

Joy Ravela launches a new bite-sized scripture podcast, aimed at busy, on-the-go listeners.

PositiveMedia has announced the launch of its first podcast, Everyday Joy.

Hosted by Joy Ravela, afternoons announcer on 89.9 TheLight, the daily 10-minute podcast unpacks a different Bible verse every episode in an honest and practical way, through the lens of joy.

Speaking to CMAA about the podcast, Joy said it’s aimed at busy listeners who want something short and meaningful with tangible take-homes that will brighten their day and lift their spirits.

It mixes the best bits of a Bible study with honest conversations you have with your besties,” she said. “Each episode explores the same three questions with a variety of regular guests: we talk about our first impressions of the Bible verse, what the verse tells us about God, and how this scripture has shown up in real life.”

With conversation topics ranging from IVF to divorce to struggles with weight loss, each episode concludes with application ideas, so you can activate your faith based on what you’ve just learnt.

Joy said the podcast will suit many listeners.

Everyday Joy is for the busy mums who only get about a few minutes a day to themselves, the university student who works two jobs and can’t necessarily attend a church right now, the career woman who doesn’t want to forget about Jesus in her everyday life,” she said. “It’s for any person who wants to grow in their faith, day by day, verse by verse.

Joy Ravela is afternoons announcer and Transformation Lead at PositiveMedia, the parent company for Melbourne’s 89.9 TheLight. Previously Joy worked as a radio/TV presenter and assistant content director at Rhema Media NZ. She is passionate about using the reach and influence of media to bring the joy and truth of God's love to all people.

You can listen and subscribe to the Everyday Joy podcast on Spotify and find out more about Joy Ravela at https://www.facebook.com/therealjoyravela.

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