Connect 21 In Person Sessions

Friday 3rd September

These sessions are in person only, and will not be streamed.  Sessions run from 9am to 5pm AEST, followed by the awards dinner.

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Friday In Person Sessions

In Person Only

Future Trends - Trends impacting the future of culture

Ashley Fell

Trends impacting the future of culture. Ashley Fell from McCrindle Research will unpack data driven insights to provide a clearer picture of the trends shaping our culture and the implications for mission driven organisations and the Church.
In Person Only

Future Trends - The rules of online engagement are forever changing!

Dave Adamson

The rules of online engagement are forever changing! The pandemic has accelerated engagement online leaving many in a head spin as to how to communicate effectively. What are some practical ways we can accelerate our learning and what are the new rules of engagement? Dave Adamson, known to many online as Aussie Dave, will leverage his years of experience helping Pastors, artists and communicators like Andy Stanley, Carey Nieuwhof, Lauren Daigle and others become successful online influencers.
In Person Only

Future Trends - Siri saved me!

Stuart Cranny

The potential of AI is astounding, and it is changing the future of media and communication in astounding ways. With it comes signifiant opportunity for Kingdom outcomes, but also for ethical and moral dilemmas. Stuart Cranney is CEO of CV Global Australia and runs the AI Lab - considering ways to leverage AI for gospel good.
In Person Only

Future Trends - The Future of Giving

Katherine Raskob

Katherine Raskob, CEO of the Fundraising Institute of Australia will share the latest trends in giving and the innovations being developed as the world of philanthropy becomes ever more sophisticated and competitive.
In Person Only

One. A conversation with the Church, Mercy Ministries and the Media
In this facilitated conversation, David Robertson will lead Church and Mercy Ministry leaders in considering the place for Christian Media, the Church and Mercy Ministries to work more closely together in advancing Kingdom outcomes.
In Person Only

It's Art for Media Sake!
A live panel conversation with some of Australia's leading artists and creatives at the intersection of media and the arts. Including Singer/Songwriters Roma Waterman and Chris Sebastian, Poet David Tensen and author, Angela Williams.
In Person Only

Beyond the horizon- Pivots and Disruptors - Democratising Video

Mike Pritchet

Shootsta is one of Australia's fastest growing tech companies continuing to disrupt the video production industry by combining tools, technology, education and expertise to simplify the video production process - enabling people everywhere to make quality video content at scale, ready to share in just 24 hours. CEO, Mike Pritchett shares the learnings of a start up and intense innovation timeframes.
In Person Only

Beyond the horizon- Pivots and Disruptors - Innovating print in a digital age

Rachael Lopez

In 2020, Rachel Lopez pushed ahead in her dream to launch a beautifully designed, quarterly print-only magazine exploring faith from an Aussie perspective. Soul Tread Magazine went to print in the end of 2020 after a successful kickstarter campaign. Rachel will share her insights and learnings as she followed her dream to become a reality. Nearly 12 months in we catch up with Rachel to understand more about what is drawing readers away from the screen and back to the tactile.
In Person Only

Beyond the horizon- Pivots and Disruptors - 0 to 15,000 followers in under 12 months!

Ps Kiran Skariah

To say the world of online gaming is booming is a significant understatement. This new media world is a series of interactive communities that crosses the boundaries of generation, culture, ethnicity and religion. Pastor Skar will share the reasons why he believes the growth of his online community has exploded, the opportunities that present and the principles that any community building organisation can apply to see growth.
In Person Only

Beyond the horizon- Pivots and Disruptors - Woke Jesus in da house!

Ash Belsar

Woke Jesus is the latest Christian Satirical offering from The Damascus Drop Bear helping Christians to laugh, pause and then think more deeply about issues of our times and culture.
The Damascus Dropbear was discovered in June 2020, deep in the Australian bush. Since entering Australian society and cultural life it has developed a taste for politics, idols (inside and outside the church), and macadamia nuts.
The Dropbear will be presented alongside one of its handlers, Ash Belsar, one of the original rangers to capture the bear and bring it to the mainland.
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