Ps William Dumas

Pastor William Dumas is the Senior Minister of Ganggalah Church and CEO of Ganggalah Training Centre, and Ganggalah Aboriginal Arts, based in the beautiful Tweed Heads region of Northern NSW. He is also the Chairman of the Australian Christian Churches National Indigenous Initiative.

He has been a Senior Minister for over 30 years, with experiences that include; Church Planting, Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist, leaderand advisor on many organisations.

Pastor William seeks to help people encounter Jesus Christ through knowledge and personal acceptance and application of the Word of God.
His original, dynamic and relevant preaching style makes him a sought after communicator.

Ps William has travelled extensively throughout Australia and into the remote areas of the outback -ministering to individuals and Indigenous communities through, Leadership training seminars, outreaches, and conferences. He believes he has a God mandate on his life to “raise” up the next generation of Indigenous leaders. He also believes that as Indigenous leaders learn and know their identity in Christ, they will take their place as leaders in the Australian church.
Ps William has been married to Sandra for 39 years and has six amazing children and 15 grandchildren. Ps William is a family man with a heart for God’s people and His church.

One of Pastor William’s achievements is the initiation of the Australian Christian Churches National Indigenous Conference, which is a significant and strategic event focused on building and equipping Godly leaders for the future. The inaugural conference was held in Tweed Heads in September, 2014, and is an annual event which continues to grow and equip delegates in areas of;vision casting towards better cross-cultural ministry in the church, how to embrace the diversity of Indigenous cultures, and provide hands-on training that addresses practical and spiritual issues.

His love for God, his family, his church and community is evident in his daily lifestyle.

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