Mike Pritchett

Mike started his career in 2000, working for Austereo in Australia, while he enjoyed Radio, he quickly moved into the world of video which had been a lifelong passion. Mike has always been an entrepreneur, founding and failing fast at many businesses throughout the years. He has a ‘get scrappy’, ‘make it happen now’ mentality and enjoys the challenge of a big problem that needs solving.
Mike founded Trapdoor Productions in 2006 and built it up to include a suite of Fortune 500 clients including Adobe, Nikon, Rio Tinto, Campbell Arnott’s, Schweppes. Trapdoor were also finalists in two categories at the 2015 Business Excellence Forum.

This was where he was fortunate enough to have his clients push him to solve the video content problem. Solving this key client issue around cost per video led to Mike founding Shootsta in 2015.

Mike is also very passionate about charity; he co-founded the Australian charity Kenya Aid leading him to be a guest speaker for The United Nations Young Professionals Conference. He has also recently formed a group of entrepreneurs in London to start a charity named S.O.S. (Stories on the Street). This charity will launch in the second half of 2020 and empower people suffering from homelessness to tell their story.

Mike currently lives in Singapore to help oversee Shoosta’s global growth.

About Shootsta:
Think video, think Shootsta.
Shootsta is a global tech-enabled video company educating and empowering enterprises with the tools, technology and training to create high-quality cost-effective and professionally-edited videos, animated explainers, podcasts and pre-produced webinars in as little as 24 hours. Our goal is to put quality video at the heart of all communication, for every business.

Our global team operates out of Sydney, London, San Diego, Singapore and Hong Kong. We work with over 250 clients globally, including Salesforce, GSK, LinkedIn, Estee Lauder, Deloitte and Coca Cola.

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