Ps Wayne Alcorn

Wayne, with his wife Lyn, have been the Senior Pastors of Hope Centre since 2000. Evident in Hope Centre’s rich history is the mandate to plant churches, raise and send out leaders, and transform communities. Under the leadership of Wayne and Lyn, Hope Centre continues to flourish in its mandate; as a multi-campus, multi-ethnic, multi-generational church in Queensland's south-east corner, reaching communities down the road and around the globe. Wayne and Lyn have two sons, both married: Brendan and Josie, Ryan and Breony, and their much loved grandsons, Dallas, Ezra, Jed and Grayson.

Wayne is a visionary leader and great communicator. He is most passionate about championing the cause of Christ, empowering the local church, and continuing to raise the next generation of leaders. With over 35 years in ministry, Wayne is the current National President of the Australian Christian Churches and a sought-after speaker across the globe. He shares candidly through life-experience, humour and Biblical truth.

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