Ash Belsar

Background: Batchelor of Fine Art and Design from Monash Uni.  Worked as a Ranger with Little Penguins on the Victorian Coastline, 4wd tour guide in the Kimberley’s, Outdoor Adventure Activity Business owner since 2006.  Married with 3 kids.  Written for the Spectator.  Appeared on the panel for ABC's Q n A in 2019.  Live and work on the Victorian Coastline: if things get any sillier down here I can swim for it!  Spend much of my spare time in the Victorian high country to get some relief from Victoria’s highly contagious epidemic of perceived superiority: one of the few places left in Victoria to view an unadulterated rainbow while sipping an instant coffee.

Interests: Pretty much everything: Art.  Anything outdoors: surfing, fishing, diving, camping are highest on this list.  Reading across a wide range of topics: history, philosophy, science, and faith/theology being the main stays.  Making terrible dad jokes and taking delight in the moanful reaction of listeners.

The Damascus Dropbear was discovered in June 2020, deep in the Australian bush. Since entering Australian society and cultural life it has developed a taste for politics, idols (inside and outside the church), and macadamia nuts.

The Dropbear will be presented alongside one of its handlers, Ash Belsar, one of the original rangers to capture the bear and bring it to the mainland. Ash has owned and operated Outthere Outdoor Activities since 2006, and has a background in fine art, history and philosophy.

Ash is excited to see the Dropbear use its venomous bite and sharp claws to make people laugh, and think, about all in God’s glorious creation from a biblical perspective. He also hopes to train the Dropbear into an Australian icon that can take on larger bears in the underground drop-fighting competitions.

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