Kiran Skariah

Reverend Kiran Skariah has always been passionate about reaching the next generation in new and innovative ways. His passion for keeping up with the heartbeat of youth culture as well as his drive to share the gospel would ultimately culminate in the creation of the PastorSKAR LiveStream - essentially an interactive TV show run from his home studio multiple times a week and livestreamed to the 20,000+ people that have chosen to follow the channel since it's creation in 2018. Kiran is a verified Twitch Partner on the website - the largest video game livestreaming platform in the world which is owned by Amazon - and uses the platform to share this message of hope, love and grace to all who find him there. "PastorSKAR" as he is known online, strives to continue to grow this trail-blazing ministry to reach the world of gamers with the gospel, which currently sits at 2.7 Billion people globally and climbing - over 1/3 of the entire world's population! To learn more about what Rev. Kiran Skariah is all about visit or search for "PastorSKAR" on any social media platform.

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