Connect 22

13th -15th September 2022 at Mantra on View, Gold Coast

With what voice should we speak in today's culture?

What does it mean to say that you are in the business of Christian communication, content making, film, media, or the arts? And what impact do you hope it will have on the world?

At CONNECT22 we experienced engaging and interactive conversation sessions in-person and online as we explored these questions and more through three particular lenses: truth, goodness and beauty.

We explored the substance of truth and seek to determine what makes something 'good' or virtuous in light of the Christian story. We also interrogated the various expressions of this through the lenses of beauty and hope.

CMAA engaged AVENIR Leadership Institute to lead us in exploring a theology of Christian communication with special focus on media and art. Delegates joined together, discussed, processed and returned to our organisations better equipped to serve the audiences we engage.

Discover the other speakers connected to the conference theme here.


AVENIR Leadership Institute equips people across industries to become leaders of exceptional character and competence. Their goal is to develop leaders who shape the future by cultivating flourishing teams, organisations and communities. They do this by delivering keynotes & workshops, designing digital resources as well as providing mentoring and coaching to select clients.

Their team is committed to training leaders who can contribute to the building of a better world by becoming deep listeners, practising transformative leadership and engaging in thoughtful public dialogue.

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