CONNECT21 Wednesday Replay

Your Audience is Falling for Conspiracy Theories. Here's How to Help Them.

Sheridan Voysey

From Flat Earth to QAnon to the Covid pandemic being a 'hoax'; conspiracy theories of all kinds are running rampant right now, dividing families and churches, and putting lives at risk. In this engaging session Sheridan will explore why conspiracy theories are so powerful, the seven traits that define them, and how Christian communicators and content creators can combat them with credibility and integrity.
Beyond the horizon- Pivots and Disruptors - Dropbears, Christian satire and the gospel

Ash Belsar

Woke Jesus

Woke Jesus is the latest Christian Satirical offering from The Damascus Drop Bear helping Christians to laugh, pause and then think more deeply about issues of our times and culture. The Damascus Dropbear was discovered in June 2020, deep in the Australian bush. Since entering Australian society and cultural life it has developed a taste for politics, idols (inside and outside the church), and macadamia nuts. The Dropbear will be presented alongside one of its handlers, Ash Belsar, one of the original rangers to capture the bear and bring it to the mainland.


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