Mike Burnard

For the past 40 years Mike and Helen had the incredible joy of serving the Lord by serving His Church in closed and restricted nations.  Mike had the privilege to travel extensively into Africa, the Arab World, Asia, the Sub Continent, Europe, the Americas and the Middle East.  The privilege of learning, praying and being with those who have joyfully embraced the cross of Christ has made an immovable impact on his life.  

Mike served as national director for Open Doors South Africa until 2008 before he was appointed Vice-President of Open Doors International and served from the United Kingdom as head of 21 development bases world-wide.  

Being a journalist at heart, Mike’s exposure to different nations and diverse cultures brought him into a deeper understanding of how global news and world events are shaping the world for Kingdom purposes.  To facilitate this vision, Mike is currently based in South Africa, serving at dia-LOGOS as an Analytical Strategist – with focus on the persecuted Church - and seeks to serve Churches and organisations into a deeper level of strategic mission involvement.

Mike is also the author of eight books.  In his latest book, Anamorphic Christianity, Mike explores the principle of looking at news from a redemptive angle in order to understand the season we live in.

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