Dr. Jeannie Trudel

Dr. Jeannie Trudel is currently the President/ CEO of Christian Heritage College, Carindale, Queensland.

She also serves as a Director on the Christian Vision Media board.

Jeannie has a global background, having lived and worked in various countries. She studied Economics and Law at Monash University, has a Masters in Conflict Management and Negotiation (California State University) and a doctorate from the University of Louisville. Her calling to Christian higher education includes serving at Southern Wesleyan University and Indiana Wesleyan University in the U.S. before returning to Australia. Through various organizations, she was a mediation trainer and organization development consultant in the U.S. As an academic, she has taught graduate and undergraduate courses and led a business school. Formerly a solicitor in Melbourne, she enjoyed her time as a court-appointed/ approved mediator in Los Angeles, Boston, and Louisville.

She has a strong interest in conflict management in the workplace. She enjoys travelling and learning different languages in order to connect with others. Her passion is in developing people, particularly young adults to be ignited with the love of Christ and she loves to pray for others.

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