Anthony Cora

Anthony Cora

Tribe: Minjungbal/Bundjalung (Tweed Heads, NSW)
Dunghutti (Kempsey/Bellbrook, NSW)

Anthony is 27 years old and was born and raised in Tweed Heads. He comes from a large family of 13 children. He has 2 children himself.

He recently began painting around mid-year 2020. His extended family have always had a fairly strong connection to their Aboriginal heritage. He grew up watching older siblings and cousins practice traditional song and dance, and also connected to culture through artwork.

In 2011, he began traditional dancing with the Jaran Aboriginal Dancers. Since then, he has been a part of many different dance groups including the Yugambeh Aboriginal Dancers, Kids Caring for Country and Bundjalung Kunjeil Aboriginal Dancers. Through being a part of these groups, it has taught him a lot about his culture from songs, stories, lores and protocols. It was almost a natural progression to express himself through traditional artwork. During the pandemic in 2020, he took the opportunity to pick up the paintbrush and stay connected to culture in that way. He has sold a number of artworks and also gifted a lot to many people who he connects with, and has taken on tour to the Jellurgal Aboriginal Cultural Centre.

Through his artwork he hopes to bring cultures together and bring a greater understanding about our Aboriginal culture and people: “I want all people to feel a sense of connection to this land and the stories, as I do.”

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