Todd Chatman

Todd Chatman is the Founder of Chatman Media+Marketing, a boutique marketing shop specializing in helping nonprofits in donor engagement and fundraising through radio, tv, social media, and other audio content.

He began his career in radio, serving in various capacities from on-air to station management. He’s worked in both mainstream and Christian radio, for Salem Media Group, iHeart Media, CBS Radio, and several independent radio stations: KCBI/Dallas, WCSG/Grand Rapids, and JOY99/Grand Rapids.

After nearly 25 years in radio, Todd transitioned into the nonprofit sector in 2011. He’s contributed to the work and mission of a number of charities, including Compassion International, Food For The Poor, Buckner International, Bloodwater, SOS International, Jessie Rees Foundation, and CURE International Children’s Hospitals. He also assists listener-supported radio stations with their operational fundraising events. He has helped plan and execute hundreds of fundraising events, generating tens of millions of dollars in donations.

Todd and his wife Kristen have 5 kids and 4 grandchildren. And two dogs.

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