Richard Smead

Richard is a highly sought-after Director and Creative Director/Producer with over 15 years of experience in prime-time network television. He has worked on popular shows like MasterChef, Bachelor, Biggest Loser, Apprentice, and over 20 other prime time formats. His expertise extends internationally, as he consults on international formats and contributes to industry standards. Richard excels in content strategy, development, and execution across platforms.

Richard also has extensive experience in the not-for-profit sector. As an Executive Producer at Bible Society, Richard has developed comprehensive content strategies for multiple brands, overseen the creation of impactful marketing materials, and directed live events and complex video shoots. We're thrilled to welcome Richard to the CMAA Connect23 team, and look forward to hearing his insights on content and visual production - as well as hopefully a few exciting 'war stories' from commercial tv!

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