Rachel Reva De Giorgio

Rachel Reva De Giorgio is an award-winning publicity strategist, PR consultant, published author, and radio host with a career spanning nearly two decades across marketing, communications, and publicity. Rachel has led  both national and global campaigns at distinguished media institutions such as ABC TV, SBS TV, and BBC TV.

Rachel transitioned her expertise to the National Health Service (NHS) where she assumed a pivotal role in corporate communications. Driven by her passion for empowering others and sharing her knowledge, she launched the online coaching and training venture 'Life On Her Terms Media’ in 2016.

Her expertise has enabled her to make contributions to various fields, including publicity management, health communications, election campaigns, and crisis management on an international scale.

Drawing upon her diverse skill set and business acumen, Rachel has been instrumental in elevating the brand presence and profiles of numerous corporate and non-profit entities across Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Originally from Georgia, USA, Rachel resides in Newcastle with her husband and son.

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