Penny Mulvey

Penny Mulvey is the Chair of CMAA. Penny spent her early career as a radio and television journalist in commercial media. She was part of the volunteer team supporting Triple 7’s test broadcasts in Melbourne, which eventually led to a permanent community broadcasting licence as the station morphed into Light FM. Penny was on air in the early days, before making a radio program for women, called Women of Hope, supported by Trans World Radio (TWR). Penny produced a weekly 30 minute women’s program for nearly 8 years. In the early 2000s, Penny joined the Light FM board, then became deputy chair, and then chair. At the conclusion of her term, Penny joined the CMAA board. When not volunteering with CMAA, Penny works for the Christian NFP. She and her husband Peter became proud grandparents of Sonny earlier this year.

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