Noddy Sharma

Noddy grew up in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea. His parents were serving with a mission organisation called MAF. On returning from the field after losing his dad to cancer Noddy struggled with his identity and place in the world. His teenage years were troubled, and it wasn't until he was 18 that he had an encounter with God that would change the course of his life.

In his early 20's for a period of 12 years, Noddy had the privilege of being able to serve in ministry in a church context. He started as an intern at Blackburn North Baptist Church before joining the staff team for almost 8 years. He then served at Heathmont Baptist Church as a pastor for 3 years, became an ordained minister and then became the National Director of OM Australia where he served for 7 years. Currently, Noddy is the Head of Community and Youth Partnerships for World Vision Australia.

Noddy has a heart for people, a passion for the church and a desire to grow and develop leaders through relationship in order to see the Kingdom of God grow across the nations.

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