Jeffrey Morton

Never have I ever… Been in a high-speed car collision, been diagnosed with brain cancer, felt joy in suffering.

This was true, until January 2010 Jeff, Fiona and their 5-month-old baby were travelling home to Sydney from visiting family in QLD when they were involved with a head on collision on a country road. This was how they learnt of a large tumour in Jeff's brain.

Everything they had was under threat… Jeff lost his driving license, dreams of raising children together, the joy of marriage, experiencing God's promises… Would Jeff be able to keep his rapidly growing business going? Would he be able to walk or talk or even survive surgery?

How could they move forward from their identity as the entrepreneur with a brain tumour and a wife swallowed by grief mourning 3 loved ones to cancer? At Connect 23 they will share their story, 13 years on, of love, loss and joy.

Jeff's passion with cars led him to found 2 successful car salary packaging businesses and he continues to adapt his skills in the non-profit sector post business life. Fiona is an emerging artist connecting her audience with hope and humanity with the fragility of clay. In the past 6 years she has shared the creative process by running art workshops.

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