Jake Weidmann

Jake Weidmann is a professional artist and certified as one of nine Master Penman in the world. Jake is self-taught in each of his disciplines (calligraphy, painting, drawing, woodworking, and engraving). While he typically works with private clients, Jake has worked with Apple, Inc., Crossway Books, and Biola University and has spoken from countless stages including Tedx and Q and was featured on PBS Television.

I never thought I’d be a professional artist. I actually pursued my degree in psychology. When I thought I would enjoy working with children using art therapy, I knew I’d need an art minor. But when I applied, the art director at my alma mater made it halfway through my portfolio, slid it back to me across the desk and said, “You’re just wrong for our program.” I had loved art all my life and had been recognized for my artistic skills through my growing up years. But maybe I heard God wrong? Maybe I was never meant to pursue art in any sort of profession.

Turns out, that rejection was my protection.

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